The Jones Market

I'm simply amazed at Candis Jones.  In what seems like an age ago (6yrs) she worked in this very studio bringing her aesthetic for beautiful design, amazing people skills and humor. Fast forward,   she now heads one of Columbus' most successful jewelry and apparel businesses, So we had a shoot last week, our models Jamie Perkins and Monica Warren knocked it out of the park and I wasn't so bad myself.  So good to see good people making their dreams true and spreading a lot of love on their way up.  


Anton & Johanna Stralman | Vara Sweden

Johanna and Anton first walked through my studio door in 2009.   There was so much new in their lives then, a new country, new home, new baby boy, new hockey team (Anton had just been signed to the Blue Jackets) and now a new photographer.  If they were stressed they certainly didn't let it show,  they just laughed, loved their kids, loved each other and let the moments come.  It was a trait that I would observe over the next six years as I continued to photograph them at the different stages of their lives, new cities, new hockey teams, new homes and new babies.  Our latest adventure together would take us to their home country of Sweden and a Wedding Celebration I won't forget.   Anton and Johanna had a small civil ceremony right before coming the US in 2009 and since then they had been planning and waiting for the right time to have the wedding they always dreamed of and on July 25th 2015 the right time came and the dream came true.   Blessings to you Johanna and Anton, thank you so much for the honor.